Two Schools Benefit COKI Pilot Project

Two Schools Benefit COKI Pilot Project

Through its pilot project code name “GIVING THAT HELPS”, COKI has awarded a mini-grant to one school and a project supporting financial assistance to another school. The schools, Grace Institute of Excellent Learning (GRIEL), located at Beverly Hill Junction, Hotel Africa Road, Montserrado County, and Christ Foundation Institute, located in Caldwell, Montserrado County, were awarded a Mini-Grant and a Financial assistance respectively after they participated in a rigorous proposal submission and evaluation processes.

Grace Institute of Excellent Learning

Grace Institute School Building

The Grace Institute of Excellent Learning (GRIEL), established April 5, 2019, is an accredited private institution that is fully recognized by the government of Liberia through the Ministry of Education with the mandate to operate Early Childhood Development and Primary Education in the Republic of Liberia.

GRIEL exists perpetually to provide quality, accessible and affordable education to raise purpose-driven leaders for community empowerment and nation-building. GRIEL is also making efforts indefatigably to buttress government plans in rebuilding the human resource capacity of Liberia which will promote growth, economic empowerment as well as economic stability and development.

Grace Institute of Excellent Learning, a Daycare and Elementary school, selected ten (10) students to benefit the Mini-Grant through their Student Recovery Scholarship Scheme (SRSS). The students were selected on a need basis, after going through the school’s own transparent student-selection vetting process.

Christ Foundation Institute

Christ Foundation Institute Staff

Christ Foundation Institute is also an Elementary School, and was awarded the project support financial assistance. The school had by then identified a project to purchase their very first set of Desktop Computers with various Computer Peripherals, a project intended to launch the school’s computer Lab Program. This program, when fully kicked off, will target the entire student enrollment of the school beginning academic 2022/23 and onward. The aim of the program is to ensure that every student in the school will at least know the basic computer operations, and at the same time know how to use the internet on the computer as a learning resource.