Partner to Expand

How We Will Do It

Considering the enormity of the challenges to be addressed and the limited resources available, COKI sees strategic partnership as a critical pathway to achieving its goals. Accordingly, COKI will seek two main kinds of partnership: COKI will partner with schools to expand its competence-based and technology-integrated education system. The partnership will build the capacity of selected schools to adopt COKI’s school system, and allow COKI to provide short to medium term supervision that enables the schools- without COKI’s supervision- to sustainably operate an online/realtime school management system that ensures transparent, effective, and accountable provision of education as well as the management of school resources. COKI will target schools that have relatively convenient physical infrastructure or whose infrastructure can be easily improved to allow the use of technology. COKI will also seek partnership with other educational institutions to combine or share resources/experiences and build collaboration to address challenges in the educational sector.

What COKI Will Do Under This Strategy


COKI will train teachers, students, and school administrators in the use of its integrated School Management System as well as provide school financial management training for school administrators.


COKI will provide coaching and technical support to schools in financial governance in an effort to improve schools financial management and strengthen self-sustainability.   


COKI will support schools with the best educational technologies including a one-stop-shop school management system. 


COKI will periodically provide capacity building opportunities to include mini grants, infrastructural, and other technical supports.

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