Developing Leadership Competencies for a Better COKI

Developing Leadership Competencies for a Better COKI

At Computer for Kids International, Inc (COKI), developing the capacity and leadership competencies of our staff is a central part of our ‘Till All is Gold’ mindset. The quality of our staff and volunteers is directly proportional to the change we want to make in

To continue this process, COKI provided a rewarding opportunity to the executive director to participate in the Kellogg Nonprofit Executive Education Program – Strategic Leadership – Leading the Self. The two days of intensive training brought together leaders from diverse backgrounds and fields, and sharing experiences and learning from them is a good way to deepen our staff capacity.

The training was facilitated by well-experienced leadership experts who shared practical ways nonprofit leaders can develop their leadership competence. A simple thread from the first to the last facilitator, the theme, as Joseph noted was the question “Why should anyone be led by you?”

We are extremely grateful to the wonderful program facilitators, Ms. Elise Madrick, Academic Director, and Mr. Jarvis Broom, Program Manager, at Kellogg Nonprofit Executive Program for the organization of the program and we hope to have many of our staff benefit from this great opportunity.

You can learn more about this incredible program via the link below or by visiting their website.
Strategic Nonprofit Leadership | Kellogg Executive Education (

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