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About Weedor

Weedor, Inc. (formerly Computer for Kids International, Inc. (COKI)) is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization incorporated under Virginia State Law on the 23rd day of July 2018. Weedor’s goal is to empower African schools, starting with Liberia, to create a conducive, inclusive, and innovative learning environment for all, irrespective of their race, gender, nationality, tribe, and economic status, meaningfully contributing to the creation of a world where no child is left behind. Practically, our work seeks to accelerate United Nations Sustainable Development Goal IV, “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.”.

We Are A 501(c)(3) Nonprofit

That means all donations made to Weedor are tax-deductible to the extent allowed under IRS regulations.

We Support the United Nations' SDG 4

That means we fully support an inclusive and equitable quality education for all, which is only possible if we provide quality education to the world's poor.

Our Name and Its History

Why Weedor

The name WEEDOR is historic and has an “emotional value” to the organization’s founder; it is in honor of a loving mother and all mothers around the world who make extraordinary sacrifices to put meaning and purpose into the lives of their children.


In suggesting this name, Donald, a member of the board of directors, provided the below arguments:

It is Generic

It is generic and not tied to a specific mission. Therefore, if your mission expands or changes in the future, you won't need to change your company name again.

It has Emotional Value

It definitely has emotional value to you [Founder] and maybe to others in Africa.

It is Easy to Spell

It is very easy to spell. Even I could guess how to spell it after having heard it.

It is Easy to Remember

It is easy to remember.

It is Short

It is short... just one syllable.

It is not Language Specific

It does not require a knowledge of English, Kissi, Maninka, Kuwaa, or any other language. That will also make it easier to expand to other countries in Africa.

The Sound is Punchy

The sound is punchy. Tons of companies are searching for names with impact like that.

It is Unique

It is UNIQUE. Have you heard of other organizations with that name? I certainly haven't.

Years of Existence
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Our Mindset at Weedor

"Till All Is Gold"

Till all is gold is our mental approach to striving to achieve excellence in all we do as an organization. It is the height at which our success as an organization is being measured.


Key indicators of success include:


Building a strong team of professionals and volunteers who are driven by the passion of service to humanity;


Living the full meaning of the core values that Weedor as a team of professionals and volunteers ascribe to;


Leading an innovative solution to children's education, using technology as the core tool, and enhancing greater performance of students and teachers in using the tool to improve teaching and learning.

To be the premier institution for education reform in Africa

To power Africa with technology solutions to accelerate quality education for all


being open and answerable. We exist solely as a platform or the connection between the helper and helpee. Therefore, we are answerable to both parties and a fundamental way to do so is to be transparent in our dealings.


being honest to ourselves even when others are not on the lookout. We believe in ourselves and hold ourselves accountable to the standards and principles we ascribe to in the spirit of love, unity, and justice.


being at the best in what we do. We believe that to gain the confidence of our supporters, partners, and the public, responsibility in what we do and how do it matters.


being able to create alternative ideas and implement those ideas into workable programs and activities to achieving operational results, and adapting in our operations to changing needs and best practices


Diversity, equity, and inclusion are central to COKI’s activities. We believe that only varied perspectives from a diverse team can generate and implement the bold ideas required to improve teaching and learning for every kid.

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